Foster: I Want To Win A Damn Super Bowl, Period

The Steelers guard says he's okay with Bell if that's what he wants too

The Fan Morning Show
September 04, 2018 - 10:12 am

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PITTSBURGH (93.7 The Fan) - Le’Veon Bell has still not showed up to sign his franchise tag with the Steelers so guard Ramon Foster says they are focusing on the team they currently have on the field.

Foster joined The Fan Morning Show Tuesday for his first weekly segment to kick off the 2018 Steelers season.

“Le’Veon is an X-factor but we can’t dwell on that until he shows up and signs the contract,” said Foster.

Foster says he doesn’t currently know where Bell is but that center Maurkice Pouncey says he will be at Steelers practice Wednesday.

“I’ll just take that as Pouncey just giving a courtesy call to you know say don’t embarrass me don’t embarrass us,” said Foster. “Pounce didn’t say that for no reason . . . hopefully he’s here Wednesday.”

But Foster adds he thinks Bell will be ready to go when he does show up to practice.

“If we know anything about him, he loves himself in the sense that he wants to be the best in the world so if he shows up he’s ready to go.”

While Foster says they love Bell but they just want him at practice.

“I’m going into my 10th year, Pouncey’s in his 9th, Ben [Roethlisberger] what is this, 16th for him. We have more offensive tools than probably than any other team in the entire league and our defense has grown in a way that they have been top five in a lot of categories throughout the years.”

So for Foster it’s simple,

“I want to win a damn Super Bowl, period. I want the parade, I want the firetrucks out, I want the convertible, corvette on the parade that’s all I care about and if he’s going to be all in into making that happen, I’m okay with that.”

Foster admits that Bell “helps a lot” but if they have to get it done, they will find a way.

Foster says one of those of reasons they can win is James Conner adding that he has so much confidence in the 2nd year running back because he has been in camp the whole time and that he looks “totally different”  from last season.

“He’s the guy that understands the volume of what this season is about now. I think he realized early on last year when he ran out of bounce early against Baltimore that that’s not how we play football here.”

As long as he’s not here, what are we supposed to do twirl our thumbs? No, we’re going to go to work and James is the guy that’s ready to go to work.”

Monday was Foster’s first practice since he went down during the preseason and he says he hasn’t had any setbacks and that “hopefully this weekend is a go.”

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