Jerome Bettis Says Everyone From Ownership To Players Are To Blame For Troubles

The Hall of Famer adds AB and Steelers can work it out but expectations need to be clear

The Cook & Joe Show
January 29, 2019 - 2:47 pm

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PITTSBURGH (93.7 The Fan) - One of the Steelers greatest players of all-time is speaking out about the current team.

Steelers Hall of Famer Jerome Bettis says the Steelers have a culture problem and that everyone is to blame.

The former Steelers running back joined the Cook and Joe show live from Super Bowl radio row in Atlanta Tuesday to give his thoughts on the current turmoil within the Steelers organization.

“This is ownership, head coach, coaches, players, everybody is a part of the problem and the only way it works is everybody is a part of the solution so absolutely Coach (Mike) Tomlin has some of the blame because he allowed the culture to exist,” said Bettis.

While Bettis says the situation with Antonio Brown is “frustrating” he believes AB and the Steelers can make it work.

“You let him know, ‘hey You’re welcome, we expect to see in training camp, here’s what happens if you don’t show up to training camp, here’s what happens if you don’t show up to the first game . . . here’s what we expect out of you’ and you put the parameters out there. Now, if he comes and he’s willing to conform to the expectation that is put in place and if he doesn’t then clearly that’s his decision and you go forward from there.”

If the Steelers do have to go forward from there, Bettis doesn’t think it will be easy to trade Brown.

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“It’s going to be hard to get any value because other teams are going to be nervous that he’s going to try to change the contract so you’re in a no-win situation if you’re the organization and the key is to start the process of changing the culture but it has to start now.”

Bettis adds to change the culture around the Steelers organization; everyone has to be on board and that there can no longer be special treatment for certain players.

 “There needs to be clarity on what the expectations are and this has to go for every single person. It can’t be only rules for certain people now because it’s been proven it doesn’t work when you do certain things for certain guys. Now you have to do it one way for everyone,” said Bettis. “Now it’s crystal clear this is what we have to do, where what is happens if you don’t do that and you move on.”

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