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Ramon Foster Addresses AB's Latest Social Media Controversy, Sunday's Lose To KC

'I’ve been around him long enough to know that’s not where he’s at [with] us'

September 18, 2018 - 9:28 am

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PITTSBURGH (93.7 The Fan) - It’s probably safe to say that Ramon Foster and his teammates don’t want to be answering questions about Antonio Brown and his social media antics but that’s exactly what they have had to do since AB responded to a critical tweet yesterday saying, "trade me, let's find out."

The Steelers guard tells The Fan Morning Show he doesn’t think Brown really wants to be traded.

“I don’t think he has a problem in the sense of what’s going on, I think social media is just one of those things where you can easily get trapped into a deep web of everything that’s going on,” said Foster. “We know where his heart is at, we know how hard he really works, all know all the things that come with AB so the stuff that’s taken . . . in a quick tweet or something like that, I’ve been around him long enough to know that’s not where he’s at (with) us.”

Foster also addressed Brown’s apparent confrontation on the sidelines with offensive coordinator Randy Fichtner.

“That’s one of things you’ll have to ask the coaches . . . I honestly didn’t know anything about it until after the game so it’s just one of those things. The guy’s passionate about; I don’t know if there was anything else that went on about it or what actually happened from it.”

Foster adds the team has other things to worry about, like winning the game.

“Our business was to try to win that game this past Sunday and we fell up short on that.”

Foster says while you can “police a guy fully” on social media but you can’t give the critics attention.

“You can’t give those people the time of day. There’s situations where I’ve heard other guys say before you tweet, really read it out  and consider if that’s what you want to do because a story can be told a thousand ways,” said Foster.

Foster believes that the entire team has now bought to getting their internal issues fixed because everyone hates losing.

“I feel like as a team we got embarrassed by the loss we had this past weekend. There’s a lot of stuff in terms of what we got going on this year and we internally have fix these things . . . we have to find a way to get around this and cut out all the extra.”

When it comes to this past Sunday’s game, Foster doesn’t blame the defense. He says the offense starting the game with three straight 3 and outs and that “put them in bad situations early on with negative plays.”

Foster says the talent is there so they don’t need a drastic change to start turning things around but that they need to “just get back to the basics of playing football.”

Listen to the entire conversation with Ramon below

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