Dunlap: The Steelers Are Such A Mess

Tomlin and AB's lack of communication is embarassing

Colin Dunlap
January 02, 2019 - 1:28 pm

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

What a mess. 

The Pittsburgh Steelers are an unmitigated, undeniable, incredible mess. They are a downright disaster. 

Is it entertaining in a way for a guy like me? Sure. 

You know what, though? It's also incredibly embarrassing. As a Pittsburgher, this is all so embarrassing to see what this once-proud franchise has shriveled down to.  

It is embarrassing when a star player like Antonio Brown doesn't have enough respect for his head coach to call the guy back, instead making his agent do it after going AWOL for a few days.

It's embarrassing that it's a bit lost on Mike Tomlin that he harbored this atmosphere of a Wild West locker room for years and now he doesn't understand that guys aren't going to wise up in an instant. It's embarrassing that it is just a few days into January and the season is over for the Pittsburgh Steelers. It is embarrassing the Steelers seem addicted to getting in their own way. It is embarrassing that former players can't stop dogging the organization. 

It's also embarrassing Art Rooney II hasn't put a stop to all of this --- or at the very least vehemently spoken out about his disdain for the happenings right now. 

What a mess. What a disaster. What a damn embarrassment.


But you know what I most took away from the Mike Tomlin press conference that so many of us eagerly awaited on Wednesday? That the head coach no longer cares for Antonio Brown, the man. No one needs to be reminded just how great Brown is on the football field. He can flash and dash like few in NFL history have ever been able to. He can tiptoe along the sideline probably better than any player in league history and he has a penchant for turning little 4-yard flat routes into plays where he knifes through the secondary for big gains. On top of that, AB finds the end zone. He always finds the end zone. AB is a touchdown machine. 

He is also an other-level knucklehead. 

No one will ever argue with his talents on the football field. But as I watched Mike Tomlin and listened to him speak on Wednesday, it became obvious the coach cares zero for Antonio Brown any more. It feels like Mike Tomlin is now coming to grips with the fact that Antonio Brown has let him down one too many times and, more than that, Brown will never change his ways. 

You know what jumped out at me: Mike Tomlin wants Antonio Brown off his football team. Financial ramifications be damned, Tomlin is 100 percent finished with AB and is really coming around to the fact there is no salvaging a relationship between Brown and the rest of the organization. Tomlin spoke in a slower and more direct manner than I had ever seen him speak before. Looking at Tomlin's face, he was perturbed by all this and, frankly, just wanted it to stop. Mike Tomlin felt like a man who was tired of having the good guys on the football team have a legacy tied to someone who is probably the least self-aware human on this Earth.

Many, many things came out of the Mike Tomlin press conference on Wednesday. Mike Tomlin reaching his tipping point is what rose to the forefront for me. In short, Mike Tomlin wants Antonio Brown traded away --- it was the only clear thing in this otherwise convoluted situation.