Williams Embraces Play-Making Bush

‘We are going to need him’

Jeff Hathhorn
May 22, 2019 - 7:29 pm

93.7 the Fan

PITTSBURGH (93.7 the Fan) – Steelers linebacker Vince Williams could have been upset or at least put off by the team trading up and selecting a player at his position.  Instead, Williams says he was happy.

“I was excited about it man, we added some more play-makers to the defense,” Williams said of the team drafting Devin Bush in the first round.

It was a Steelers defense that ranked 6th in yards allowed in 2018, middle of the pack in points, but 26th in interceptions and 19th in fumbles recovered as Williams says when they would get opportunities; they didn’t capitalize.  So adding a potential impact player made sense to the veteran.

Williams said even though the first Organized Team Activity practices are no-contact and in shorts, it’s good to have this opportunity together.

“You can’t really replace it, as fast as you can get guys on the field,” Williams said.  “I’m happy he (Bush) can get in there and get some reps.  We are going to need him.” 

“You don’t draft a guy in the top 10 unless you are ready to plug him in to make plays.  So I’m just happy he’s available to do that.”

Williams has been impressed with Bush’s athleticism and his love for the game.  Bush did well enough that he was calling the defensive plays during their second workout as a team.  Not that there haven’t been challenges for the rookie.

“All rookies are kind of like Bambi, they are just like ‘oh what is going on’,” Williams said.  “But he’s a very intelligent guy.  It seems to come pretty easy to him.”

Williams hasn’t been told how the rotation at linebacker will work this season with Bush and the previous addition of free agent Mark Barron. 

One thing the 29-year-old doesn’t have to worry about is money.  Williams signed through 2021 after a three-year, 18.6 million dollar contract extension.  A third of that he’s already collected.  And the veteran doesn’t lack confidence with 47 starts to his NFL resume.

“I’m a football player,” Williams said.  “So there is always going to be a role for guys that play great football like I do in any defense.”