Steven Brault Glad to be on Major League Roster

Brault believes he’s still a starter, but will do whatever is needed.

Jeff Hathhorn
March 24, 2018 - 10:11 am
Steven Brault

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It’s not entirely new for Steven Brault to come out of the bullpen, he did it seven times for the Pirates last year with a near five ERA as opponents hit .306 against him.  Brault found out for sure on Friday he’ll be a reliever to start, after hearing about a potential move all off-season.

“It’s a very, self-accountability position,” Brault said of the difference as a reliever.  “As a starter, yes you have to be accountable for yourself.  But you have five days to do so.  As a reliever, yeah there is a bullpen coach down there, but he’s not going to tell you ‘make sure your legs are ready in case you have to go in’.  You have to know what gets you ready and prepared to pitch immediately.  You might be going in in two hitters and there’s not even a call yet.”

Brault said he’s always been a routine guy, but can be flexible.  Joking at least all but his hamstrings are flexible.  The situation the 25-year-old will have to get used to is coming in with runners on base.  He’s only done that once in his pro career.

“It’s such a strange idea, first of all jogging out of the bullpen is weird because everyone is watching for you and waiting for you,” Brault said.  “They’re like ‘ok, let’s play’.  And then with people on base and you kind of look around and think it’s like a video game or practice.”

Brault said he’s more competitive than his “happy-go-lucky” personality would lead on, as during the interview with reporters quipped he was going to take closer Felipe Rivero’s spot and wanted to be able to ride the bullpen cart in Arizona.  Humor has always been his style, win or lose.  Maybe it’s a coping mechanism.  Regardless, the California native is glad he will be in Detroit on Thursday.

“I can help this big league team win right now in whatever capacity they see fit,” Brault said.  “I do feel that I am a starter.  We’ll see whatever happens in my career, if that pans out or it doesn’t.  For right now, I do think I can help this team win and I want to be a part of a winning big league team.  I think what we have here is going to be pretty special.”