Sutton’s Versatility Could Be Boost

Steelers DB able to play across secondary

Josh Rowntree
June 09, 2018 - 9:15 am
Steelers CB Cam Sutton practices

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports


If there’s one word to summarize the Steelers retooled secondary, it would be ‘versatile.’ What’s yet to be seen is if versatility translates into results. 

Cam Sutton feels it will. 

The second-year corner is the epitome of Pittsburgh’s mission to have fluid positioning of its defensive backs. 

"I’ve been outside, inside, at safety,” Sutton said following Thursday’s final OTA. "Just moving around a little bit. They’ve given me a lot of opportunities."

After missing the first half of last season and a large chunk of training camp with a hamstring injury, Sutton was able to show flashes of promise a year ago. 

"The more opportunities, the more reps I get, obviously I have to capitalize on them and make plays on the ball,” he said. "That’s what it’s going to come down to.”

While Sutton may not see any time at a base safety position this season following the signing of Morgan Burnett and the drafting of Terrell Edmunds and Marcus Allen, he is ready, if needed. 

“It’s more for my development and kind of more for showing the versatility I have at playing those positions,” he added. "They trust me back there as well, at whatever position they have me at.”

"They see those things, they see how well I handle them. Obviously understanding and knowing what to do out there on the field, that’s where it starts at. From there it’s just going and making plays."

He feels the rest of the secondary will mimic his adaptable attributes.

"That’s always good for your defense,” he said. "When you’re able to interchange guys, it kind of throws offenses off. When guys are moving around and not in the same position you’ve seen them at before, it throws off reads.”

“We’ve got a lot of versatile guys, not just me. Our whole room is not based on playing just one position. I don’t think anyone limits ourselves on playing just one position."

Sutton hasn’t had more assignments added to his plate, but special teams returns are something that may come in camp. While in college at Tennessee, Sutton was a starter at corner and also returned punts regularly.

“Hopefully,” he said of returning. "I would like to. Every day I catch punts, catch kickoffs and do all the drills. I would like to return, but it’s something I have to keep working at and keep getting reps at and, as they come, make the most of the opportunities as I get them.”

But first things first. Sutton needs to lock down a spot at a corner position that, while possibly ladened with question marks, also has a slew of competition.

"We’ve had a lot of production so far from a lot of different guys throughout the secondary an the defense overall,” he said. "That’s something that we have to keep building on and that’s contagious." 

"Obviously, I have a great understanding for the defense and that’s just only going to get better,” Sutton said. "That just opens up more opportunities for me and opens up more opportunities for the defense. Whatever it is that helps the team, that’s all that matters." 

Hear more from Sutton below.