Tiger Woods Will Win Another Major 'Guaranteed'

Sports director Jeff Hathhorn is convinced Tiger will make it to the top again

The Fan Morning Show
June 04, 2018 - 11:18 am
Tiger Woods

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The Pirates disappointed this weekend losing 3 of 4. Sean Rodriguez is getting too much playing time, Austin Meadows may not be getting enough. It seems like the Pirates are regressing to their mean. There's not too much debate there.

Where there is debate is in the golf world and particularly with Tiger Woods. 93.7 The Fan sports director Jeff Hathhorn filled in for Jim Colony today on The Fan Morning Show and stated vehemently that Woods will in fact win another tournament before he calls it a career and even said he will win another major. 

"I guarantee you Tiger Woods will win a major," said Hathhorn. "He loves the game, he's obsessed about the game, he'll do whatever it takes to win. We've seen guys in their 40's or even late-40's be able to win these tournaments. Tom Watson nearly won The Open and he was what, 62? Absolutely Tiger will win."

Jeff says that the field is filled with guys that are beatable and Tiger is a man who can do it. Colin Dunlap thinks Jeff is outlandish with this take and wonders if his body will catch up with him before he ever gets back on top. Woods has suffered from sporadic back spasms since March of 2014 and has had multiple surgeries on his back that he has been trying to work back from since. This along with his age is a main reason why some feel Tiger will never quite be Tiger again. 

Jeff agrees injuries are a concern and Colin says that Tiger can't get back in the weight room right away if he starts to feel better because he will be susceptible to injury again. The guys both observed that Tiger has a much easier-looking swing now and that he may have found a way to be successful without having to try and kill the ball every tee shot. 

Texters and tweeters seemed to agree with Jeff and said that if Tiger can just sure up his short game, he will win a major. It became the subject of a bonus twitter poll from The Fan Morning Show today. 

What do you think....is Jeff crazy or correct?


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