Tom Brady Talks How Antonio Brown Will Fit in With Patriots

Ryan Hannable
September 09, 2019 - 10:37 am

Antonio Brown will in all likelihood become a member of the Patriots officially on Monday following agreeing to terms with the team over the weekend.

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The question now becomes how will he fit with his new organization and teammates following all the drama that has followed him in Oakland and Pittsburgh over the last year.

Appearing on The Greg Hill Show Monday morning, Tom Brady indicated it ultimately comes down to putting in the work.

“I think the point is everyone can say whatever they want — everybody in the media, fans and so forth — but they don’t have to do the work," he said. "None of it really matters what they think or what they say. What matters is us as teammates working hard to get it right. Again, it’s a daily commitment and it’s a hard season. It’s long and it takes a lot to win games. If you’re not doing the work, you could make up whatever BS you want to make up, but we’re the ones that have to go into work everyday and focus on what this is. The NFL is tough. It’s a long, arduous season and there’s nothing more to do than buckle your chin strap and try and make improvements on a daily basis.

"That is what I am going to try and do. I am going try and be the best teammate I can be. I am going to try and do my job as well as I possibly can and that requires a lot of different things and is going to change over the course of the season and that is why I love football. That is what the challenge of playing football is all about.”

There was a report on the NBC broadcast Sunday night that Brady offered up a room in his house for Brown, but he shot it down.

“I think there’s a lot of things said on TV. I didn’t say that to anyone publicly," he said.

Brady did go on to say relationships with his teammates are very important and he's had them at his house on multiple occasions.

“My teammates are important to me. Relationships are important to me. That is the reason why I play," Brady said. "I have had so many great teammates over the years and it’s part of what makes football so special — the relationships you build with the guys that you play with. This year is no different.”

Brady's comments about putting the work in go along with what he said to NBC Sports' Peter King Sunday night where it's about actually doing it, not just talking about it.

“The NFL’s a competitive place. Lots of moving parts. Lots of adjustment, constantly," he said. "Week to week, a guy gets hurt, a guy gets picked up you don’t know, you’re constantly manipulating your team. We lost our right tackle [Marcus Cannon, shoulder injury] tonight for who knows how long. Like, oh sh–, that’s a big deal. Now we’ll add Antonio, and he’s got to … there’s a lot to learn. … The point is, it’s one thing to talk about, it’s another thing to go do it. Let’s go do it. That’s what my attitude is.”

Brown seems likely to be on the field for his first game action next Sunday in Miami.