Tomlin Wants Bell In Latrobe

Bell Needed In Camp, Says Steelers Head Coach

Chris Mack
March 28, 2018 - 1:28 am
Steelers Head Coach Mike Tomlin

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports


Just a few weeks after Le'Veon Bell expressed his plan to skip training camp this summer if not signed to a contract extension, Steelers Head Coach Mike Tomlin insisted he'll hold his franchise running back to the same standard as any other member of his squad.

"He'll have a training camp date, like all his other teammates. There'll be an expectation, in terms of him being present and accounted for, and us all starting this journey together," said Tomlin in a discussion with NFL Network at the Annual League Meetings taking place in Orlando.

"He and I had a good conversation the other day. He's going down to Miami to start his training, the process that he normally goes through. I expect him to be in great shape and ready to go."

When asked if Tomlin thinks it matters whether an experienced player like Bell is in camp or not, Tomlin's response was emphatic.

"Certainly, it does. It's not just about his growth and development as player. It's about his positioning within the group, and how he aides the process for the others, how he teaches others," insisted Tomlin.

"By simply just watching him go through daily routines and things associated with his position, it is a 'teach tool' for young players."

Several days ago, Genral Manager Kevin Colbert explained that negotiations with Bell have not broken down.

"We're not intentionally ignoring that. More urgent business needs to get taken care of," Colbert said.

"I anticipate us continuing that process once we get through the free agency period and maybe even through the draft. The draft can change things on both sides."

Tomlin confirmed earlier this week that the team will meet with LSU running back and prospective first round draft pick Derrius Guice before his workout day next week.