Trevor Williams Flourishes When He Pitches 'Like A Jerk'

Williams is learning how to punch back against the league

Matt Koll
July 25, 2018 - 11:08 am
Trevor Williams

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

PITTSBURGH (93.7 The Fan)- So many things are going right for the Pittsburgh Pirates right now during their 11 game winning streak. That "right" includes the pitching staff, to the tune of a 2.13 ERA during this tear. 

Pirates pitcher Trevor Williams joined The Fan Morning Show on Wednesday before the series finale against the Cleveland Indians and said that he is enjoying the high the Bucs are on. 

"We're playing great ball right now so it's fun to wake up and get to the yard," said Williams. "When you have a winning streak like we do and you're playing good ball I think you expect the good things to happen. I think it's the reverse Murphy's Law, everything that can go wrong will go wrong. Everything just looks like it's going right for us right now."

Williams threw a six-inning shut out on Monday against the Indians, a complete turnaround from his two not-so-good starts at home against the Phillies and against the Padres in his hometown of San Diego. Williams said this season has been a constant learning process for him and that he may not have taken the right approach in pitching in front of family and friends in San Diego.

"It's a learning year for me, it's getting punched in the mouth and punching back," said Williams. "No one likes getting their butt kicked and when you have tough games like that you learn a lot about yourself and the type of pitcher you are. I'm just thankful that I'm getting these learning moments that are going to help me further in my career." 

[The San Diego start] was different for me. I don't think I was too amped, I think I wasn't as amped as I should have been. I knew going into that game I was going to be really overhyped and I think I played down a little too much. I flourish when I pitch amped, when I pitch like I throw 98 miles per hour and I pitch like a jerk. So I kind of had to re-find that mentality."

Pitch like a jerk?

"Pitching like a jerk, yeah, I'm not a real scary guy up there with my stuff but I have to pitch like I have Nolan Ryan stuff and that's kind of how I flourish." 

With the trade deadline looming, it's hard not to see and hear things as a player. But Williams trusts in the Pirates organization.

 "As a fan I love playing GM but as a professional and being part of the business it's something you really can't pay attention to because it's out of your control," said Williams. "We're going to do what we're going to do to make this team better at the deadline and we're going on a great roll right now and I trust Neal [Huntington] to do that. If we don't? We're still a good ballclub, we're still winning games with pieces that aren't here yet."  

He also confirmed, after ducking Jim Colony's question on Twitter about it joking that he has Jim muted, that Monday was in fact his first six inning complete game shutout since Little League. 

You can check out the entire interview with Trevor Williams on The Fan Morning Show below. 



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