Tuesday Begins Le'Veon's Likely Last In Pittsburgh

Will we see a facsimile of last season with Bell?

The Fan Morning Show
May 22, 2018 - 11:34 am
Le'Veon Bell

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

The first organized team activities of the 2018 season, the voluntary OTA's start on Tuesday. 

The word "voluntary" obviously means that veterans are not required to show up but one guy is about 99.99999% not likely to...Le'Veon Bell.

Bell and the Steelers still have not worked out a long-term contract and Bell has been offered the franchise tag once again. The longer this goes on, the more The Fan Morning Show believes Tuesday marks the beginning of Le'Veon Bell's swan song season here in Pittsburgh. 

Colin Dunlap wondered if Bell will become a problem this season in two ways: 1. Will he whine and mope about his contract situation (and maybe pop off on social media a couple times about it)? 2. Will he not be ready again for the first few games like last year? 

Colin says it will be more of the same. Bell will say he wants a long-term deal, the Steelers will say they are open to it, they won't get a deal done so Bell won't show up for OTA's or training camp and he'll sign his tag and play just for this season guaranteed.   

Jim Colony reiterated that these are voluntary workouts and that other stars around the league like Tom Brady and Aaron Donald are blowing them off as well.  But, he does think Bell will weigh in on social media at some point while holding out and say something ridiculous. The guys agree that Bell just can't help himself in that regard. 

Bell certainly doesn't have to be there and isn't even under contract right now, but the guys wonder if he will be not quite himself again for those first few games like last year. 

Colin doesn't think it is in the Steelers best interest to sign Bell long-term for the salary that he is demanding and he has become someone you just deal with and try to get the most from until that contract runs out. 

Could be deja-vu for the next few months with the Steelers star running back and if it is, it will be the last in Pittsburgh. 



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