Watch: An Hour With Pittsburgh Pirates' Josh Bell, Nick Kingham and The Fan Morning Show

The Fan Morning Show
November 02, 2018 - 8:27 am
Nick Kingham and Josh Bell

93.7 The Fan

The Fan Morning Show had an hour long sit down conversation with Pirates first baseman Josh Bell and pitcher Nick Kingham that took place in the Bowser studio Friday.

Watch as Bell and Kingham talk about their 2018 experience and how they plan to grow from that for 2019.

Bell says he is taking on more of a leadership role on the team with young guys like Kramer, Newman and Moroff coming up. He adds he is trying to do what Andrew McCutchen, Josh Harrison and Sean Rodriguez did for him.

Asked if he would be a good fit in the bullpen, Kingham says is isn’t sure if that move makes sense and that it just depends on timing and how he prepares for it. Kingham adds he believes he is a starter but if they want him in the bullpen that is where he will go. He just wants to win.

Bell then discusses how he would like to see a big name guy come to the team with a big contract jokingly adding he mainly just wants him to pay for stuff.

Looking toward next season, Bell says he is open to moving to the outfield and may bounce back between first and the outfield until Polanco returns but during his exit interview with manager Clint Hurdle they focused on him playing first.

They also discuss their offseason plan and how sometimes it can be the hardest part of the year for them because they have to show up ready to go when you hit Spring Training.

Watch the entire hour:

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