What Does The Future Hold For Mike Tomlin?

Should he get that customary deal this offseason? What about Ben?

The Fan Morning Show
March 27, 2019 - 11:06 am
Mike Tomlin & Ben Roethlisberger shake hands

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PITTSBURGH (93.7 The Fan)- It's long been a custom of the Pittsburgh Steelers to offer a contract extension to their head coach when he was two years left on his current deal. 

That's just the way they've done business. 

But many have speculated that after a season in which the Steelers went 13-3 but didn't win a playoff game followed by a 9-6-1 season that wasn't good enough for a spot in the postseason, Tomlin shouldn't be offered the luxury and security of another deal.

Post-Gazette Steelers writer Ray Fittipaldo joined The Fan Morning Show to give insight on whether the Steelers' plan is still business as usual with Tomlin. 

"Everything points to that (an extension) not happening (this offseason) but I always go back to what Dan Rooney did. Bill Cowher was coming off maybe his second or third consecutive losing season and they did extend him," said Fittipaldo. "Now I'm not saying he's going to follow the same path, I'm not saying Art is going to do the same thing as his dad. This is a totally different situation." 

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"I'm hearing it may not happen but I will never put it past the owner to make a bold move and to extend him when he's going through this adversity. They did it with Bill Cowher they could do it with Mike Tomlin. But, if you're asking me right now on March 27th I don't think he'll get it. But just the way the Steelers have operated in the past, I'm leaving it out there as a possibility." 

Another long-term contract that we're waiting on is one for Ben Roethlisberger, although that doesn't have as much uncertainty surrounding it. 

"I think Ben's is going to get done. It's turned into something that maybe has been a little bit more challenging. [The Steelers' front office's] words this week were this is the last contract, we want to make sure it's right. It's significant for him because it's his last one probably and it's significant for the Steelers, too," said Fittipaldo. "But the way the Steelers are up against the cap, the last time I checked I think they only had $3 million left, they really can't go above a certain number with Ben. So there's that challenge." 

Would you support a contract extension for Mike Tomlin? Should the Steelers make that move this offseason?

You can listen to the entire interview with Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Steelers writer Ray Fittipaldo on The Fan Morning Show, including his thoughts on the Steelers' draft plans and the new NFL rule changes, below.              

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