What Happened To The Magic Of Ray Searage?

Pirates young pitchers aren't getting enough results at the Major League level

The Fan Morning Show
July 11, 2018 - 10:59 am
Ray Searage with Jameson Taillon

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

PITTSBURGH (93.7 The Fan)- There have been many frustrating and sometimes puzzling aspects of the 2018 Pirates. 

One has been that although the Pirates' pitching rotation is chalked full of younger players, none of them seem to be finding consistent success. 

The Fan Morning Show talked about this today on Wednesday and wondered what the problem is. It used to be that when pitching coach Ray Searage got his hands on a guy, he turned him into the best Major League version of themselves to the Pirates benefit. Where has that magic gone? 

Colin Dunlap and Jim Colony went over the many pitchers who came to Pittsburgh over the last several years and had new-found success under Searage or regained success like James McDonald and Jeff Locke (first half of seasons), Francisco Liriano, JA Happ, Edinson Volquez (reclamation projects). Colin suggested that maybe the difference is that those guys already had the Major League talent and success but just needed Searage to find it again whereas this current pitching staff has never found that level. Maybe the talent just isn't there to work with.

Jim Colony agreed but also said that Jameson Taillon is a guy who seems to have that talent but just can't get over the hump. Why hasn't that happened? \

The guys also discussed the role of Jim Benedict in all of this, who was a special assistant to the general manager and was instrumental in the development of pitching prospects. He was hired away from the team in October of 2015 and the Pirates rotation, along with their top pitching prospects, haven't been the same since. How much importance did he have in all of this?

The Pirates may also have a philosophical problem as it seems they are going away from the league trend in implementing more breaking balls and going for more strikeouts by staying true to the theory that outs on three pitches or less and pounding the strikezone is the way to go.

The answers aren't clear but the problems are and continue to be for this pitching staff on a team that is slipping further and further away from contention and toward a rebuild. 


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