What Is James Harrison's Legacy In Pittsburgh?

When we look back, what will we remember most about #92?

The Fan Morning Show
April 16, 2018 - 10:47 am
James Harrison

Philip G. Pavely-USA TODAY Sports

39-year-old James Harrison announced his second (and what he calls final) retirement from football this morning. 

This of course begs the question: What is his legacy here in Pittsburgh among Steelers fans? Followed by: Will he sign that one-day contract eventually to officially retire a Steeler?

The Fan Morning Show kicked those around today on the show after his announcement. It's certainly a tricky topic. We heard the audio of Maurkice Pouncey from earlier this year when he said that Harrison ruined his legacy by being a bad teammate throughout the season. He said that Harrison wanted out from the team and was getting what he wished for when he was released. We also remember comments that fellow linebacker Bud Dupree said when he accused Harrison of sleeping through team meetings. It was certainly an ugly end.

On the other hand, Jim Colony calls his 100-yard interception return for a touchdown one of, if not the greatest, play in Super Bowl history. 

So which is it...his greatness or his off-the-field issues and perceived betrayal by going to the evil empire of New England?

Jim says that the relationship between Harrison and the fans/organization may be mended eventually but it won't be any time soon. The wound are still fresh. Josh Miller agrees and questions whether Harrison would ever reach the point where he apologizes for not being a good teammate at the end of his career in order to mend things. Colin Dunlap wonders how many of his former teammates would show up to that press conference if Harrison did sign a one-day contract to retire a Steeler.

The guys all agree that the feeling around him would be much worse if New England had won the Super Bowl this season. If the lasting image of Harrison was him holding up the Lombardi Trophy in a Patriots jersey, yinzers may have never forgiven him. And they still might not.

It became a bonus Twitter poll today as well, in which 60% of voters say they still love him. 

Do you?