What We've Learned From The First Four Pirates Games

The Fan Morning Show gives their takeaways from the undefeated start

Matt Koll
April 04, 2018 - 10:53 am
Pirates outfield celebration

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

The Pirates are now the only MLB team left without a loss. So, what can be gleaned from these first four games of the season?

The Fan Morning Show gave their extremely early takeaways from the 2018 Pirates so far. 

Jim Colony says that, all of the sudden, Josh Harrison and Gregory Polanco are selective at the plate rather than deploying their usual free-swinging style. He says that is big because both will be top of the order hitters this season.   

Colin Dunlap says the positives to take from these four games is that obviously they have won all of them. It hasn't always looked pretty, they've blown leads, they've been a little sloppy, but they've found ways to win them all. The glaring negative has been that the bullpen has not looked good and their defensive struggles will catch up with them. 

Clint Hurdle called his bullpen "interesting" and it will be interesting to see how it holds up throughout the year. Dovdas Neverauskas was really bad in his first outing but bounced back in his second. Edgar Santana got hit hard against the Twins. How long of a leash will Josh Smoker have? The guys say you can count on Kontos and Rivero on the back end but those middle relievers are a huge quesion mark moving forward.   

Jim cautions being too critical of guys like Santana and Neverauskas because they are so young. On the flip side, Josh Bell and Jameson Taillon are ready to be leaders with Gerrit Cole and Andrew McCutchen missing from this squad.

Bottom line: it's incredibly early and you can't tell a whole lot from 4 games in a MLB season. But, trends are already starting to develop and the Bucs find themselves 4-0 despite not always playing great baseball. 

The Pirates certainly have our interest.