What's The Hold Up With High School Transfers?

The Fan Morning Show is confused by AD's and the WPIAL

The Fan Morning Show
June 19, 2018 - 11:39 am

The Fan Morning Show read over the story in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette today from Mike White about two cases of schools/athletic director's holding up the transfer of high school athletes to different schools. 

In one case, a student is transferring from Sewickley Academy to Lincoln Park because of "financial hardship and educational struggles." His transfer was approved but not without AD Win Palmer having to check with school officials before signing off on it. The other case was a student transferring from Hampton to North Catholic because of his father leaving Hampton to be the head coach at North Catholic. His brother is doing the same. Hampton has yet to "sign off" on this move and White cites that the WPIAL has sometimes deemed these kind of transfers eligible and sometimes ineligible.

Colin Dunlap and Jim Colony are confused on what the hold up was/is in both cases. If a student wants to transfer schools, within perfect good reason (which both of these cases seem legitimate), why is there a waiting period? Why not sign off on these papers as soon as you get them to your desk?

Colin says that if a family is still paying taxes and living in that district (as is the case in the Hampton scenario), then there should be no problem with letting the kids go to North Catholic. People put way too much stock into high school sports and callers agreed that it will override the potential benefit to the kids in denying them their transfer. 

Enough with the haughty nature of flexing the muscles of power in these situations. If a student and his/her family feels led to transfer, it should be automatic. Would there be the same hold up if a student wanted to transfer to get into a better music program or receive classes that fit them better? 

Sports isn't bigger than the well-being of the students involved. Sometimes AD's and the WPIAL makes it feel that way. 

You can listen to the discussion about this below. 

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