Where Is The Sean Rodriguez Decision-Making Coming From?

Who's really making the choice to trot Sean Rod out there

The Fan Morning Show
June 25, 2018 - 11:10 am
Sean Rodriguez

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

The numbers are ugly. 

No other way to slice it. 

Sean Rodriguez, with his $5.75 million per year contract, has started 28 games in 2018... On the season: .145 BA 3 HR 13 RBI .544 OPS 46 K 19 BB. As a starter, Rodriguez is hitting .149 BA 3 HR 11 RBI .525 OPS 37 K. In the month of June, Rodriguez is a whopping 1 for 25 .040 BA 0 HR 2 RBI 12 K. 

Despite of all this, Rodriguez was in the starting lineup for all three games over the weekend against the Diamondbacks. 

In explanation of this, GM Neal Huntington said that they are looking to get Rodriguez a "cluster of at-bat's" in an effort to try to play him out of his funk. Most Pirates fans know that Clint Hurdle has a speciall affinity for Rodriguez because of his defensive skills and versatility and isn't afraid to insert him in the lineup, even when it may be an unpopular move (2015 Wild Card Game start at 1B over Pedro Alvarez against the Cubs). 

Colin Dunlap speculated today that Huntington is really the man pushing Sean Rod in the lineup. He came out and said these things about the at-bats, so Colin thinks it's Huntington writing out the lineup card. He says that can be very dangerous because it is going over the head of his manager and could lead to disfunction between the two. Jim Colony said that regardless of who's decision it is, Rodriguez needs to be the one to go to make room for Jung Ho Kang when he returns soon, but questions whether that will be the move the Pirates make.

A caller said that Clint Hurdle has shown a propensity to give his players a shot to play out of their struggles before and is hesistant to give up on guys. He believes it's Hurdle making these moves. Colin asked, if that's the case, why doesn't Huntington say something like, "the manager wants to give him a cluster of at-bats." 

This entire issue is compounded by the fact that the Pirates are a season worst five games below .500 after Sunday and are slipping further and further from the NL Central-leading Brewers and closer and closer to the cellar-dwelling Reds. 


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