Why Did Fans Stay Away From PNC Park This Season?

Pirates attendance lowest since 1996

Matt Koll
September 27, 2018 - 11:20 am
PNC Park

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

PITTSBURGH (93.7 The Fan)- Pirates fans stayed away from beautiful PNC Park more than ever this season.

Pirates broadcaster Greg Brown did his weekly interview on 93.7 The Fan with "The PM Team", Andrew Fillipponi and Chris Mueller on Wednesday. During the interview, Brown was asked why he thought the attendance numbers were down this year.

"I partially blame the narrative that was out there, and I don't know what you guys said (Fillipponi and Mueller) but I know it was said," Brown said. "All winter long, after the trades, and I know there were talk shows, I know that there were blogs written and posts and articles and stories about how bad they're going to be and nobody's going to come. So, the more that drum beats, the more it's picked up, the more there's this public perception of that."

"When you constantly throw out this thing about, 'oh, it's the owner, the cheap owner, and he doesn't care and if he doesn't care then I'm not going,' it's just immature and it's wrong and it's false." 

Do you agree? Was there a narrative out there from the media that kept you away from games this year? 

The Fan Morning Show talked about this today and Colin Dunlap, Chris Mack and Jim Colony all disagree with Brown's assessment. The guys say that the fans of this city are too smart to let only the opinions of the media dictate how they feel. Fans are independent thinkers that come to their own conclusions about things regardless of what a talk show host's opinion might be. But, they left it up to the callers to decide what impacted them this year. 

After taking calls on this topic for the entire 7 am hour, the guys believe it had a lot more to do with the lack of offseason moves not only this past winter but particularly in 2016 when the Pirates were coming off a 98 win season and got rid of familiar faces like Neil Walker and brought in the likes of Jon Niese and John Jaso. 

Callers also cited the trade of Andrew McCutchen as being another part of it. The face of the franchise was gone and they felt like they lost their emotional connection to the team. 

You can listen to the segments in which The Fan Morning Show took calls and discussed this topic below. 


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