Is This Tom Brady's Last Year In New England?

A Boston sports expert doesn't expect Brady back in 2020

Matt Harkins
September 06, 2019 - 3:29 pm

PITTSBURGH (93.7 The Fan) - The Pittsburgh Steelers defeat the New England Patriots last season 17-10 and will open up the 2019 Season Sunday Night in New England.

WEEI Morning Show Host Ken Laird joined The PM Team Friday afternoon to help preview the match-up Sunday night in Foxboro.

With Rob Gronkowski's retirement after last season, which players will be Tom Brady's main weapons this season up in New England.

"James White I think is going to have the most catches when all is said and done," said Laird. "Edelman is their star receiver, but the Steelers aren't stupid, I mean they're going to double team him quite a bit, so I would expect him to be held in check. Gordon and Philip Dorsett will be the other two guys out there, I don't know what the state of the Steelers secondary is, it doesn't sound like that's in good shape either, so that could be really the key matchup of the game."

But, Laird does not believe that Gronkowski will be retired very long and says there is a chance we see Gronkowski back as a member of the Patriots by Thanksgiving.

"I think so, real split opinion up here," said Laird. "He had this press conference earlier last week with CBD Oil, he's become a spokesman now for that. Some people believe after seeing's a somewhat controversial product and some people believe that now he's going to be at war with the NFL on that and he's not going to come back and this is all just a public relations rouse to keep his name out there. But, I think when push comes to shove, they need a tight end, they've kept sort of that roster spot open for him, Brady will call in October/November and yes I think he'll be back."

One of the questions you here a lot in Pittsburgh, and on The PM Team, when discussing the Patriots is who is the bigger reason for New England's success since 2001, Brady or Belichick? And while answering this question, Laird dropped another nugget of information that could be interesting heading into next off-season.

"It's Brady to me," said Laird. "Both of those guys I think have a desire to see for themselves and prove to the world, I think you're going to see Tom Brady in a different uniform next year, I think this is going to be his last year up here."

And we asked him to say it again to make sure we heard it right.

"This will be the last year for Tom Brady in New England, I really believe that," said Laird. "I think they've come to an understanding, Belichick's got his new guy in Jared Stidham, drafted him this year, he's going to groom him up."

How about a prediction for Sunday night from Ken Laird?

"I've got the Patriots 21-17," said Laird.

Listen to the Ken Laird's entire conversation with The PM Team below:

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