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Mack: Stop Poking The Bear

Fans Continue To Cross The Line In Their Interactions

Chris Mack
March 12, 2019 - 9:48 am

Here's an idea: If you poke the bear, don't be surprised when the bear attacks.

Here's another idea: Athletes and celebrities are not zoo animals, so stop treating them as such, and maybe they won't respond as such.

Several events over the past few days have crystallized the notion that our society increasingly has a problem with knowing how to think, act like, and treat other people as -stick with me on this, because it's a leap, I know- humans.

From a maniac running on to the pitch during a Birmingham-Aston Villa match to attack Jack Grealish, to a fan snapping cell phone pics of Conor McGregor as he left the Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami, to a Utah Jazz fan stepping over the line from playfully heckling to verbally attacking Oklahoma City Thunder guard Russell Westbrook, people long ago forgot that the star athletes they see every day on their screens are just that: People. 


It's not unlike the Arizona woman who last week crawled in to a jaguar enclosure at a zoo to take a photo and was then surprised that she was attacked by one of the jaguars.

When did we become so stupid as a society?

When did we become so ignorant?

I don't want to head down the path of blaming all of the world's problems on the handheld devices we carry around with us everywhere and our obsession with documenting every mundane moment of our existence via social media.... but, that's exactly what I'm going to do.

A piece of advice for those who think it's their right to traipse around treating the world as if it's their own, personal version of "The Truman Show," where you're the star of your own reality show and everyone else are just actors and extras in the story of your life: Stop. 

Put the phone down. 

Stop acting like you're entitled to become a part of the story, stop acting like you're entitled to say whatever you want to people -either in public or social media- that you wouldn't dream of saying to even your worst enemy. In short, stop acting like animals. And stop treating public figures like they're animals as well, on display for your entertainment. Or else when you jump that fence, and decide to "poke the bear," you shouldn't don't be surprised that the law of the jungle takes over, and the bear decides to bite back.

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