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Dunlap: The GMs In The NFL Have A Great Point

Colin Dunlap
March 25, 2020 - 11:59 am

We always hear about return on investment. 

I mean, you have seen the run-up of the NFL Draft just like I have, right? It has become an exercise seemingly more fit for buying cattle than selecting humans for an endeavor. We prod, pull, measure, make them run, see how strong they are, etc. --- and that’s just the physical stuff.

Then, from a psychological standpoint teams put players through rigors generally only reserved for people who have a yearning to enter the FBI, Secret Service or Navy SEALs.  

It is as fascinating as it is, at times, creepy. 

But no one will ever admit it isn’t thorough. I mean, that’s the lifeblood of the whole process. It appears each team is trying like hell to be more thorough than the next; trying to uncover some secret selection process that will lead them to compile data (and in turn make a pick) the others don’t have. 


That’s why the latest development as it pertains to the coronavirus and what it is doing to the NFL calendar --- or could do to the NFL calendar --- is one that is incredibly intriguing. 

Several reports late Tuesday and early Wednesday stated that it is the preference of the league’s general managers to push back the scheduled April 23 draft. Make it later, move it a little bit. 

Due to the pandemic and the way virtually everyone in the world has had to shift their schedules, with NFL people far from being immune, the general managers feel due diligence can’t be meted all the way out on potential draft picks. 

You know what, I agree with them. 

I wholly agree with them. 

They make a ton of sense, especially when dealing with million-dollar investments here. 

If you believe the reports though, the owners aren’t on board with this concept. I mean, if there is a group of people who want this all to get back to normal ASAP, it is the owners. They want the events to continue in as close to normal form as possible --- even if it is a scaled-down version.

It is all so easy to see, the owners don’t want the draft pushed back even one day because doing so would give the impression that dominoes could begin to fall --- most notably the season starting on time could be in jeopardy. 

Yeah, they are not going to want to give anyone even an iota of a thought that could happen. 

But if you truly look at this thing, a hastily done vetting process of the prospects does no one any good. An injury concern could be missed, a psychological situation that otherwise would be red-flagged could get passed through or, on the other side of it, someone might not get drafted who with the requisite time and research would rise to the level of a player a team would draft. 

But as a country we are paralyzed right now. 

As the NFL, the people given the big task to find the next big thing are paralyzed right now. They can’t do their jobs effectively yet are still asked to do them against that same April 23 deadline. 

It’s all so silly. 

Push the draft back. 

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