Will Ben Roethlisberger Offer Mason Rudolph Help?

Credit: Ben Queen-USA TODAY Sports

First Time, Long Time Podcast: May 4, 2018

Ben Unhappy With Rudolph Pick, Faces Of Death, Us vs Musk Part III

Kraig Riley
May 04, 2018 - 6:49 pm

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We are back and we open things up with one of the most spot-on reviews we've received as a podcast (0:55 to 1:55). We wrap up what has been an insane week on the Pittsburgh sports scene (1:55 to 8:35). A surfer broke the world record by riding an 80-foot wave and we wonder how you can survive that if you fall (8:35 to 11:51). A Brinks truck spilled hundreds of thousands of dollars on the road, people grabbed it, and now the authorities want it back (11:51 to 17:47). Elon Musk lost $2 billion and we continue to come out on the winning end of this battle that he knows nothing about! (17:47 to 20:40). A man walked into a lion enclosure, the lion dragged him and then they shot the lion. We're not ok with this (20:40 to 28:28). A university had a "cry closet" for students studying for finals because of course this exists (28:28 to 32:32). Missed Connections (32:32 to 35:20).