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Jason La Canfora On Antonio Brown: 'He Doesn't Want To Be Here'

Will Antonio Brown Be A Steelers In 2019? Jason La Canfora Still Says Yes

Kraig Riley
January 02, 2019 - 4:01 pm

PITTSBURGH (93.7 The FAN) - CBS NFL Insider Jason La Canfora had the first report that Antonio Brown has requested a trade and then joined The PM Team with Andrew Fillipponi and Chris Mueller to stand behind that report.

"He has an agent for a reason," La Canfora told us.  "The agent has every bodies number in that building.  The agent also has my number.  I have not heard any push-back from anybody in that organization or from Antonio Brown on anything I reported."

To clarify that, La Canfora said it wasn't a trade demand where Brown is saying he'll never play for them again, it was a request because "he's not comfortable here.  He's not comfortable with the coach.  He doesn't like the way things are lining up with the quarterback....he doesn't want to be here."


So if Brown has made a trade request, what are the chances he'll still be here in 2019?  La Canfora says despite his report, he doesn't necessarily think a trade will happen.

"There's 21 million reasons why a trade would be difficult...and the Rooney's, as a rule, don't really capitulate to this stuff anyways."

If Brown is going to stay here though, La Canfora says there will need to be some work put into this relationship.

"They're going to have to get together and talk a lot of this out and figure out where these problems lie, how deep-seeded they are, how fixable they are, whether there needs to be different measures of discipline and things of that nature moving forward, how to reach him and how to establish some different boundaries and maybe some different parameters.  Could all of those things happen in a positive way?  Sure!  But I think if you watched Coach Tomlin today, you also get the sense that things certainly aren't great right now and nobody is predicting that, 'Yeah, we'll just be able to have a couple of talks, get him and the agent in here and we';; talk it out in an afternoon and everything will be fine.'  This is gonna have to be a process that they sort out.  The reality is, the season was on the line and one of their highest paid employees was AWOL and this wasn't even a first time or a second time."

Click the audio below to hear more from La Canfora on what he thinks the short-term and long-term marriage of Brown and the Steelers will look like.

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