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Prove You're Smarter Than Starkey And Mueller!

See If You Can Outsmart The Guys In The Quiz Show

Kraig Riley
May 30, 2018 - 5:03 pm

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PITTSBURGH (93.7 The FAN) - Do you listen to The Starkey and Mueller Show and think you're smarter than the guys?  Well here's your chance to prove it.

Here's today's five Quiz Show questions that the guys were asked on-air.  See if you can get them right.  You'll have to listen to the audio for the correct answers.


1) NBA FINALS:  Winning the NBA championship as a 6 seed, this team has the record for lowest (worst) seeded team to win the NBA Finals? 


2) 1990’s NBA:  Which player who was selected first overall during the 1990’s, has the HIGHEST career scoring average?


3) 1980’s MLB:  What two-time MVP led the decade of the 1980’s in total hits.


4) THE PAC 12:  As they are all full members of NCAA Division 1, each Pac 12 school officially sponsors men’s football and basketball.  What is the only other MEN’S sport that all 12 of the conference's schools officially sponsor? 



There are 8 Players who have won NBA FINALS MVP, who have also won the MVP for the NCAA Tournament.   How many can you name?