The Starkey And Mueller Show Quiz Show

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See If You Can Outsmart Starkey And Mueller

Starkey And Mueller Compete In Their Weekly Quiz Show

Kraig Riley
May 23, 2018 - 5:11 pm

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PITTSBURGH (93.7 The FAN) - Test your sports trivia knowledge and see if it's better than The Starkey and Mueller Show!

Here's today "Quiz Show" questions.  Listen to the audio for the answers and to see if you know more than Joe and Chris.

1) WORLD SERIES:  Of the 28 current MLB franchises which have PLAYED in a World Series, who is the only team to not have won a single game?

2) NBA RETIRED NUMBERS:  Who is the only player to have TWO (2) different jersey numbers retired by the same team?

3) 1980’s MLB:  Which baseball team currently plays in the ONLY active stadium which was opened during the 1980’s.

4) NFL DRAFT:  In the last 30 years, who is the only QUARTERBACK who was DRAFTED by an AFC West franchise, to win a playoff game for that same team? 


There are 10 franchises in the 4 major US professional sports leagues (4 MLB, 4 NFL, 1 NBA, 1 NHL) who have ACTIVE playoff DROUGHTS of at least 7 seasons. How many of the 10 can you name?