MLB Negotiations

The Paul Zeise Show
May 13, 2020 - 8:55 pm

     In this segment, Paul goes out to the hotline to talk with Jason Mackey from the Pittsburgh Post Gazette for an update on the latest proposal to get the MLB season started. They look at some of the hurdles that have come up with getting both sides to agree on finances, logistics of playing, and setting a new precedent. Mackey says that the financial and economic aspect are proving to be the real battle here as these negotiations have progressed to legitimate talks. This comes as a suprise to both Paul and Mackey as they expected the money aspect to be easy and the logistics of planning a revised season duing a pandemic to be the real challenge. Mackey says that the players don't want this negotiation to set the standard moving forward for future agreements between the league and players. Paul believes the sport can't afford to have this negotiation go on too long because they will lose fans in the process, set the sports popularity back years, and hurt the product. They also look at what the season could look like if it happens, and debate if a shorter season with limited opponents could benefit a team like the Pirates.