Review of The 1979 NCAA Tournament Championship Game

The Paul Zeise Show
March 19, 2020 - 8:04 pm

In this segment Paul is joined on the hotline by Malcolm Moran who covered the iconic 1979 Michigan State vs Indiana State game for the New York Times. Moran talks with Paul about the experience of covering the game and the feeling that surrounded the event. He mentions how different college basketball was in the 1970's because it wasn't nearly as mainstream as it has become today. Moran feels that this game was the turning point for the sport because it took college basketball to a new level and looking back he feels that this game was right in between of what it was and what it is today. Paul and Moran go in depth about how the game was played out and some of the highlights that took place between Magic Johnson and Larry Bird. Moran also offers some insight on the behind the scenes details of the game such as the 15,000 seat arena it was played in and how different the technology was for reporters in the 1970's. 

Malcolm Moran on The Hotline

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