What Will The NFL Schedule Look Like?

The Paul Zeise Show
May 05, 2020 - 9:10 pm

     In this segment, Paul goes out to the hotline to talk with Ray Fittipaldo from the Pittsburgh Post Gazette. They talk about a few things including the passing of Don Shula, New England's quarterback situation, and how the COVID-19 virus could impact the NFL season. Paul and Fittipaldo start their conversation off by looking at the career accomplishments of Don Shula, and they debate about where he ranks among the greatest NFL coaches. They look at things like his longevity in the league, the era he coached in, and what stats hurt his numbers. Paul and Fittipaldo also spend some time talking about the Patriots quarterback situation. They are both surprised that the organization hasn't made a move for a top level quarterback and are curious about their plan. Paul and Fittipaldo also look at some recent rumors that have come out from the national media about the Steelers backup quarterback and they look at what the team might do after Ben retires.