Antonio Brown Requests Trade

The PM Team w/Poni & Mueller
Tuesday, February 12th
Antonio Brown wants out. He posts on social media thanks Pittsburgh for 9 years, time to move on. What will the Steelers do? Does this make it easier or harder for the Steelers to trade him now that he is openly coming out on Twitter that he wants out.

Dan Orlavsky says that the Steelers absolutely cannot bring Antonio Brown back into that locker room and onto that team. If the Steelers act like they are in control they aren't. If they would have fired Mike Tomlin things would have been different.

The Steeler Way is not the correct way of doing things. Antonio Brown shouldn't be pushing the Rooneys around right now and that the front office is just as big the problem as Brown is. Will the Steelers actually get rid of Brown? Andrew doesn't think so.