The Athletic's Steelers Reporter Mark Kaboly

The PM Team w/Poni & Mueller
Thursday, January 10th
Mark says the Rooney comments are interesting and he finds the timing of them curious because he usually doesn't meet with the media for another week following the end of the season.  Mark views the comments as an olive branch to AB letting him know that the ball is in his court and if he wants to come back, he can if he takes the necessary steps.  That being said, Mark doesn't think AB will take the olive branch, rather he'll just dump fuel on the fire and force their hand.  Asked why AB appears to not want to be a Steeler anymore, Mark says that's a great question because it's hard to imagine him getting the same amount of targets somewhere else.  Looking at who aligns with who in the organization, Mark discusses the different dynamics in the locker room and the power struggles that exist.  While talking about the front office role in all of this, Mark thinks Kevin Colbert would have little to no time for AB's antics given his old school approach.