Ben Unhappy With Rudolph Pick, Faces Of Death, Us vs Musk Part III

First Time, Long Time
Friday, May 4th
We are back and we open things up with one of the most spot-on reviews we've received as a podcast (0:55 to 1:55). We wrap up what has been an insane week on the Pittsburgh sports scene (1:55 to 8:35). A surfer broke the world record by riding an 80-foot wave and we wonder how you can survive that if you fall (8:35 to 11:51). A Brinks truck spilled hundreds of thousands of dollars on the road, people grabbed it, and now the authorities want it back (11:51 to 17:47). Elon Musk lost $2 billion and we continue to come out on the winning end of this battle that he knows nothing about! (17:47 to 20:40). A man walked into a lion enclosure, the lion dragged him and then they shot the lion. We're not ok with this (20:40 to 28:28). A university had a "cry closet" for students studying for finals because of course this exists (28:28 to 32:32). Missed Connections (32:32 to 35:20).