Former Steelers LB Arthur Moats

The PM Team w/Poni & Mueller
Tuesday, June 2nd
We ask Arthur what the last week or so has been like for him.  He said none of it has surprised him because this is what he has lived through his entire life, but he has been impressed by the support on a national level for the Black Lives Matter movement.  Having grown up in Virginia, we ask Arthur what it was like for him and what his interactions with the police were like.  He said he always had a cautious respect for police officers.  At the age of 9, Arthur had his first negative interaction with a police officer that took place in their own home.  Arthur believes one of the most important things we can do now is just have the conversations and says he did ride-alongs with Pittsburgh police officers during his playing days and that helped him personally move things forward.  We ask Arthur about Mike Tomlin not putting a statement out yet and if he's surprised by that.  Arthur points to the NFL telling athletes they would no longer kneel during the national anthem and the impact that has one people in the league and the soft stance the league has taken on this issue now as well.  Arthur tells us the conversations players had in the locker room about the league talking with them about using their platforms outside of football and why it always felt to them like it was just the league checking off a box, unlike the NBA who supports their players taking stances.