Gettin' High At The World Cup, Dead Bodies, Missed Connections

First Time, Long Time
Wednesday, March 7th
Russia is hosting the 2018 World Cup and is totally cool with you bringing your drugs to the might be cool (1:21 to 12:49).  A Denver Bronco blamed a member of the media for the teams 5-11 record, not the players or coaches (12:49 to 18:42).  Pro golfer Justin Thomas got all sensitive when a fan yelled "get in the bunker" to one of his shots and we have differing opinions about what should be acceptable on the golf course (18:42 to 26:24).  A guy was pronounced dead and as they were about to cut him open, he came back to life (26:24 to 35:33).  The best of Craigslist "Missed Connections" (35:33 to 46:35).