It's Official, You Don't Mess With This Podcast

First Time, Long Time
Thursday, March 29th
The podcast is coming full circle and we've learned one thing, you don't want us targeting you!  Our man Mad Mike Hughes finally launched himself in his homemade rocket ( 1:15 to 6:46).  We've begun taking down Elon Musk (6:46 to 10:36).  Craigslist has taken away our Missed Connections! (10:36 to 16:56).  The New Orleans Saints have horrible rules for their cheerleaders and we rip them for it (16:56 to 24:57).  There's a product called "The Swingless Golf Club" and we hate it (24:57 to 28:15).  We talk about the viral video of a cheetah jumping into a Jeep and how we'd respond...Kraig vs the Wolf naturally comes up again. (28:15 to 32:54).