JJ Watt calls Steelers the Kardashians

The PM Team w/Poni & Mueller
Monday, February 11th
If the Steelers go back to being world beaters (13-3) two seasons ago but squeaked out 5 of those because of Boswell, they are going to be in big trouble if they think that they aren't dysfunctional "because dysfunctional teams don't go 13-3." JJ Watt went on NBC with Seth Myers and called the Steelers the Kardashians and said his brother was feeding him information. Chris says that is a bad look by TJ giving JJ information about the team. Andrew said it's his brother of course he's going to tell him. Antonio Brown was seen at a Boxing match over the weekend and the Grammy Awards. Antonio Brown is embracing the celebrity life because people aren't going to come walking up to him and asking him why weren't you playing Sunday week 17? Instead they are going to be happy to see him.