Kraig Stepped In It Again And Zuckerberg's Insecurities

Thursday, April 19th
It took all of 2 minutes before Kraig stepped in it again and Chris called him out for being wrong.  We talk about the Steelers being interested in a 6-foot-8, 346 pound Australian rugby player which leads to us discussing how we'd do in certain pro sports (2:22 to 14:53).  A bunch of smarmy college students protesting...until the university calls their parents (14:53 to 20:50).  Mark Zuckerberg's insecurities are hilarious (20:50 to 25:33).  The Ole Miss choir randomly broke into song on an airplane and we have two very different takes on whether or not this acceptable (25:33 to 27:16).  Missed Connections make their triumphant return! (27:16 to 29:57).