NFL Insider John Clayton

The PM Team w/Poni & Mueller
Friday, July 19th
We open up talking about there being no discipline for Tyreek Hill.  John says he was surprised by the ruling and what frustrates people the most is the lack of consistency when it comes to the NFL handling these issues.  John thought there would have been a 6-8 game suspension.  Baker Mayfield has been stirring things up all offseason and Andrew asks if this level of cockiness could come back to bite him.  John says it probably will all throughout his career.  Looking at the Steelers as training camp draws near, John doesn't think Joe Haden will be able to command the type of money other CB's are getting on the free agent market but he thinks the Steelers will approach him to come to some sort of agreement.  When it comes to Mike Tomlin, John would let him coach out this year and then work on a deal next year if things go well.  We wrap things up with John talking about the 18-game proposal.