NFL Insider John Clayton

The PM Team w/Poni & Mueller
Wednesday, July 15th
John doesn't see any way the Steelers and Bud Dupree come to an agreement on a long-term deal by the 4pm deadline today and cites them needing to pay TJ Watt as a major contributing factor.  Looking at the future salary cap issues teams will face if a deal isn't struck, John points out that the Cowboys, Eagles and Saints will be in the worst shape of the entire league, but he also says the Steelers will have some they'll need to get done as well.  John shares with us the reactions around the league to the Myles Garrett extension.  John thinks based off Garrett's extension, he believes a TJ Watt extension could be in the $16 million per year range.  John is doubting that teams will be reporting for camps in the next 2 weeks as is currently planned.