NFL Insider John Clayton

The PM Team w/Poni & Mueller
Friday, November 16th
John says he blames Bell, and not the Steelers, for how this whole situation played out.  As for the idea that tampering may be taking place, John says he seriously doubts it because of how complicated a deal with Bell could be next year in terms of cap space.  Looking at what kind of deal Bell could get, John says he thinks he'll either get $14-15 million non-guaranteed, or $13 million guaranteed, but it will likely be one or the other.  We ask John about the Patriots latest struggles, and he says he thinks we're seeing the beginning of the end for Tom Brady, but that doesn't mean he doesn't still have three good years left in him.  Wrapping things up, John predicts a Steelers win over the Jaguars on Sunday because the Jags look terrible and the Steelers will want revenge.