Pirates Insider Jason Mackey

The PM Team w/Poni & Mueller
Friday, May 22nd
We ask Jason if there's anything to read between the lines about the Pirates furloughs and the latest negotiations between the league and the MLBPA.  Jason thought the biggest issue to getting back on the field would be the safety of everyone involved, but that doesn't seem to be an issue, especially not when compared to the money side of these negotiations.  Jason says the players won't accept a stupid deal, but they are expecting a new deal to be put in front of them.  Jason thinks the two sides expected a back-and-forth like this to be dragged out, but as we get closer to when they wanted to start a new spring training, the two sides could start to change their stances.  Jason agrees with Andrew that he'd have a hard time accepting baseball not playing this year if the hang up was money.  We ask Jason where he comes down on the universal DH and he calls himself a "reluctant participant" because he's tired of seeing pitchers just flail away at the plate.