Steelers Insider Ed Bouchette

The PM Team w/Poni & Mueller
Thursday, September 13th
Ed Bouchette joins us for his weekly segment.  We open things up talking about the story of the day, Ben's status being up in the air for this week.  Ed says he thinks Ben will play, but if he doesn't, the team is confident in Josh Dobbs, although Ed is skeptical since he's yet to play a down in a real NFL game.  As for it being Dobbs and not Rudolph, Ed says that speaks more to Dobbs development than it does anything Rudolph has or hasn't done.  Talking about the rest of the injuries, Ed tells us Vance McDonald has been practicing all week, but Ed isn't sold on the idea that it could hold up given his history.  Looking at more injuries from last weeks game, we ask Ed why Joe Haden is playing the gunner spot on special teams to which Ed says he also found that move curious given his importance to this team, not to mention his age.  Given that Ed was in the middle of one of AB's recent outbursts when AB called him a racist, we ask him what he makes of AB threatening a reporter and the action or lack thereof from the team.  Ed breaks the news to us that the organization has addressed it with AB and there will be a meeting between AB and the reporter he threatened.