Steelers Insider Ed Bouchette

The PM Team w/Poni & Mueller
Thursday, December 6th
Ed tells us that he wrote back in March that the Steelers shouldn't have franchised Bell and instead used that money in other places.  Once that ship sailed, Ed still thought that they needed to sign a veteran back, and now both of his thoughts have been proven to be the better move.  Looking at what they're left with at the running back position, Ed points out that Stevan Ridley has barely even seen the field this year.  Turning our attention to Mike Tomlin's horrible record when challenging plays, Ed says Tomlin is just being stubborn about this when he says it's not worth it to pay someone to just work on Sunday.  Ed offers a solution saying you could just pay the person for their work on Sunday or have a coach be dedicated to reviewing plays.  If it came down to the money, Ed is sure Art Rooney would allow him to spend it to get a guy.  We wrap things up with Ed talking about the Steelers hate for the Raiders, all the fans hating each other lately and the love interests in Ed's life influencing his facial hair choices.