Steelers Wide Receiver James Washington

The PM Team w/Poni & Mueller
Thursday, September 20th
James Washington joins us.  We open things up talking with James about his first touchdown catch and what he did with the ball.  With Antonio Brown being the talk of the town, we ask James his early impressions of the star wideout.  James tells us he's a super hard worker and a lead by example guy that they look to.  Talking about the drama, James says he never expected it coming out of college but he admires his teammates because from his perspective, they're just a bunch of hard workers that give it their all.  We also talk with James about his expectations for playing under Mike Tomlin and what he expects from his team.  Having come here with Mason Rudolph, we talk with James about coming here with his old teammate and how much time they spend together.  We wrap things up with James talking about Mike Gundy's.