Tapeworms And Polygamy

Friday, May 25th
A Blue Jackets prospect was sick for a year...then he pooped out a 25-inch tapeworm (0:46 to 9:39).  Ronaldinho is marrying two women and we try to figure out how long this relationship could actually last (9:39 to 14:26).  We were right about Elon Musk all along (14:26 to 15:57).  A 30-year-old was getting kicked out by his parents, so he sued them (15:57 to 20:55).  Deadspin outed PFT Commenter and we can't figure out why (20:55 to 25:47).  College students suck part ten-thousand (25:47 to 27:29).  A negative 5-star review (27:29 to 29:11)