Tucson And The NFL Hates Kickers.mp3

First Time, Long Time
Thursday, March 22nd
On this weeks episode of The First Time, Long Time podcast Chris Mueller and Kraig Riley talk about why the NFL hates Josh Miller and all its punters and kickers (1:04 to 7:28), CBS doubling down on showing crying kids at the NCAA Tournament and we fully support them (7:28 to 15:10), why we're still an anti-Elon Musk podcast (15:10 to 22:08), a botched execution and what should happen to the inmate now (22:08 to 24:15), what it's like getting called in for jury duty in a murder trial (24:15 to 28:35), a woman getting a DUI on her wedding day (28:35 to 31:46), Craigslist Missed Connections gettin' hot and heavy this week (31:46 to 40:54) and speaking of heavy, Advice Guys has a listener asking us for help as his wife keeps packing on the pounds (40:54 to 47:04).