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Hour One 6-29

Saturday, June 29th
A lot of Twitter reaction and the lines were jammed with callers wanting to discuss with Bob what is this Pirates team, Buyer? Seller? Or still wait and see?

Hour One 6-29

Saturday, June 29th
The first hour of the show this Saturday for Bob was spend with the lines jammed and a lot of reaction on Twitter to discuss the Pirates and what is this team...

Kris Letang

Saturday, June 22nd
In this segment Bob offers his take on the future of Kris Letang and how he believes that he is a great bargain for the Penguins at this time.

Can The Pirates Make a Run?

Saturday, June 22nd
In this segment Bob offer's his thought's on the chances of the Pirates making a real run at some point this season. He thinks they can if they make the right...

6-22 Show Open

Saturday, June 22nd
Bob open's today's show talking about a variety of topics including the NBA and NHL drafts, and he reviews last night's the Pirate game.