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The Fan Early Morning Show 9-6-19

Friday, September 6th
0:00-10:08- Bulletin board material! But the Patriots created it? Also, will something crazy happen before the game again like the hotel fire alarm? 10:10-14:...

The Fan Early Morning Show 9-5-19

Thursday, September 5th
0:00-9:29-Antonio Brown continues to act whacky. Why I'm a bigger "fan" of him now maybe more than ever. 9:31-14:39- "While Yinz Were Sleeping"- Pirates and...

The Early Morning Show 9-4-19

Thursday, September 5th
0:00-9:56- As the season draws near, where do the Steelers stand in the AFC? Are they really Super Bowl contenders? A team-by-team comparison. 9:59-13:46- "...

The Early Morning Show 9-3-19

Thursday, September 5th
0:00-10:13- The show kicks off with reasons why I think the Steelers have a great chance to break the losing streak and finally beat Brady/Belichick in...