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The Real Problem Lamar Jackson Is

Monday, November 18th
How are the Steelers going to stop this guy over the next 10 years? Is he going to hold them back from winning even when Ben comes back?

Pirates Insider Jason Mackey

Monday, November 18th
Jason joins us for more information on Ben Cherington who is set to be announced as the new general manager of the Pirates today. Hear an extensive history of...

Replay Still A Mess In NFL

Monday, November 18th
Another example of the replay of pass interference being a joke yesterday. What's the fix here? How did they screw this up so badly?

The Five

Monday, November 18th
Answering five big questions from the weekend. Penn State big-time underdogs, Pens, Pirates moves, Steelers playoffs and more!

Thoughts On Kaepernick's Workout

Monday, November 18th
It stole all the headlines in the NFL on Saturday and Kaepernick talked afterward. We talk about this workout and how we came away from the whole thing.